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    Hi. I wrote my Ielts today being 28/9/2019 but something strange happened in the hall while taking the listening test and I would like to alert everyone on their new strategy. During the listening test,immediately after section one,they jumped section 2 and started with section 3. It disorganised many of us because it’s unusual, though later,they came back to section 2. In essence,listening to instruction is very essential.

    Meanwhile, my speaking test was cool.
    Cue card-Tall about a time you borrowed something from someone. What,when,and how did you pay back?
    Part 1-Things i like street in my street -should wild animals be protected? -when I visited a zoo -should companies borrow ideas from each other.

    Writing- Write on both views and give your opinion.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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