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    Here are the questions for Speaking on 14th November 2019.
    PART 1
    Let’s start with where you live?
    what do u like most about your area?
    Do u intend to stay in your area in future?
    Do u prefer drinking tea or coffee?
    Do u remember the first time you had tea?
    Share your experience on how you felt.
    Do you think people in general prefer tea over coffee or vice-versa?

    PART 2
    Describe a picture or a photograph hung in your home that you like very much. You can speak about : 1.What is the picture about? 2.When was it taken? 3.Why do you like it?

    PART 3
    1.Do you think kids should be taught art in early life?
    2.What is your opinion about opportunity to learn art for all?
    3.Do you think art should be sold or preserved?
    4.Why do you think art is sold for a huge amount?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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