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    Hi Everyone,
    I took my Ielts GT March 3rd USA,
    #Task 1. Write a letter to manager to apologise for being late for work and many a times before.
    Describe why you were late
    Describe the problem
    What steps will you take to avoid in future
    #Task 2
    Some people believe that dangerous sport should be banned. Do you agree or disagree.
    What’s your full name.?
    Your hometown?
    What means of transportation you use to go out?
    Do u enjoy rain?
    How do people react to rain?
    Does it rain in your hometown?
    How you ever caught up in rain and when?
    Cue card
    What type of dream home will you have? Apt or house
    Describe where you will have it
    How will it be
    Why do you like it.
    Conversation continued with living country side or city side
    Do people in your country or home have big luxurious house with fence..etc
    What type of houses will people have in future
    And couple of questions on comparison. Of apartment and independent house.
    Section 1 and 2 were easy and able to find direct answers
    Section3 and 4
    An article on Procrastination. Question to match the statement
    Complete the sentence with one word only. (Easy)
    Mapping was little tricky but solvable
    Thank you. May God bless you for all your effort.

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