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    Dear All
    I just gave my General Speaking Test this morning.
    Part 1:
    Mostly questions related to my house, the area where I currently live followed by some questions related to films and filmstars. This part felt quite simple and went by like a breeze.
    Part 2:
    Describe a dish which is usually prepared on special occasion.
    What is it
    When is it prepared
    How is it prepared
    Although it seem simple enough, I do not think I performed very well. I started talking and suddenly got very nervous because I realized the Examiner is not looking directly at me. She kept looking down in her notebook. For some reason I lost my track of thought and started mumbling my sentences. I did talk continuously 2 mins but I was off-topic for the most part.
    will I loose my marks for this? I am worried that my average score will go down because unlike in Part 1 & 3, I could not use any good vocab or phrases in Part 2. I was just holding my breath while words came out of my mouth.
    Part 3:
    A range of questions related to food trends and how people in recent times have started growing their own food. It was like a discussion on organic farming and organic cooking methods.
    I felt I did well on Part 1 and Part 3 moreover because I felt confident that I had the examiners attention as she kept looking at me and changed her facial expressions along with everything I said. But I lost my calm during Part 2 as I got the feeling that I lost her attention because she did not look up at me even once.
    I am sharing this experience here so that other fellow test takers can be prepared for this possibility. Keep talking and do not get anxious if the examiner does not look up at you. Do not let the nerves take over…. it happens…. it happened to me
    Good Luck!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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