IELTS Exam – USA – June 5 2017

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    Finished my IELTS yesterday June 4th in USA. below are the questionsWriting:
    Part 1 – You are moving out of the country and you want your friend to have your furniture.
    A. Explain what it is
    B. Why it is suitable for your friend
    C. How he should collect it.
    Part 2 – Celebrating some specials days like National days, festivals involve lot of expenses from govt. Do you think instead of spending on such events the money can be used for other useful purposes. Do you agree or disagree?
    Speaking: Part 1
    What is your full name
    – Do you work or study
    – Have you bought any product by looking at advertisement
    – Do you think internet ads are good
    – What do you think about Billboard advertisements
    Part 2:
    Talk about someone who helped you in work or in school.
    How is he special
    How has he influenced you
    Are you in touch with him
    Part -3:
    What do think about working in team. Is it advantage or disadvantage?
    Do you have experience in working as team
    Is it good to have women in the team
    who do think are a better team player/major role to play
    do you think women should play bigger role in a team.
    I had provided whatever i can remember from the yesterday’ s test.
    Advice to those who prepare for exams – I went through the recent question and topics & frequently asked questions that way some of the above questions asked in speaking i was aware of and was able to answer better. So its important for all to go through it.
    Thanks Atul for the site and your inputs.. Good luck to all who are giving the exams..

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