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    I took the GT test on July 28th in USA. For the speaking:
    1) Do you work or study?
    2) Why did you chose that job?
    3)Do you like the rain?
    4) Would you rather live in a wet or dry climate? Why?
    5)Do you like traveling in the rain?
    6) Are you in contact with any animals?
    7) Is it good for children to have pets? Then follow up question on why it helps with responsibility when I said it helps them become more responsible
    Part 2- cue card:
    Pick an animal that is interesting, tell where it lives, when you first become interested and why you like it
    Part 3:
    Questions about conservation of animals – what the government could do, what private citizens can do, and if it is important to conserve animals and why you think so. I don’t remember the exact individual questions.
    I’m a native English speaker and I really wish I had prepared more for the speaking section. It was the only part I did not because I figured I would sail through it and I do not feel very confident. I ran out of things to say with the animal topic for the two minutes – my mind was blank and right after the test I could think of so many things I could have talked about (it was nerves, I’m a shy person, even though it was an easy topic). The interviewer did prompt me and seemed relieved when I spoke more…but I’m still worried. Oh well I guess if I don’t score high enough it is something I can focus on for next time.

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