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    I took my speaking test on 26th of April
    Part 1. What do you do?
    -Do you like your major?
    -What’s more interesting about it?
    – Do you often look at the sky?
    – What is the best place to look at the sky?
    Few more questions, can’t recall now.
    Part 2
    Describe a period of history you want to learn more about.
    Part 3
    Did you have any interest in history when you were a kid?
    Do you think enough is taught about history?
    Why people today are not interested in history and no less about it?
    What are some ways you think history should be taught?
    Do you think it’s important to learn the history?
    Was asked few more which I can’t remember.
    Writing task 1.
    Diagram on the production of Biogas.
    Writing task 2.
    Nowadays, many people buy household goods( like television, rice cookers etc).
    Do you think this is a positive or negative development?
    This is my 4th attempt. I am struggling with the writing part. Hope I achieve my required band this time.

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