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    Module Type = General Training
    Date = 23-06-2017
    Location = United Arab Emirates
    Part 1
    Do you live in a house or an apartment?
    What do you like about it?
    Do you like to travel in bus
    How often do you travel by bus
    What is better, travelling through the underground train or bus?
    In future, do you see yourself using the bus more often or not?
    How should the government in your country improve the bus system?
    Do you like pop stars, who is your favorite?
    Have you met a pop star in person?
    Do you prefer going to a live concert or listening to a recording?
    Would you like to be a pop star, give reasons for your choice?
    Part 2
    Describe a piece of cloth that you like?
    How did you get it?
    Do you often wear it?
    Why do you like it?
    Part 3
    How often do you buy clothes?
    Do you like to buy clothes for your friends?
    How do people dress for formal occasions in your country?
    Do clothes define us a person?
    How does the fashion industry benefit from any change in fashion trends?
    Do you prefer buying clothes online, give reasons?
    Are there significant differences in the types of clothes available to men and women?
    I found my examiner to be quite friendly which put me at ease during the test. In the beginning, he apologized for not being able to pronounce my name correctly. He shared that usually he tries his level best to pronounce Asian names correctly even though they may be difficult because he is not familiar with them.
    During the conversation, he kept adding his views as well. For example,
    “I usually target a stay of 10 minutes in a shop if i want to buy some clothes.”
    In the end, he shared that overall I had done very well. He found some of my ideas to be quite funny because I was saying them from the heart. I shall do fine in the test if i can replicate the same ideas in the writing module.The only aspect that I should focus on improving is the pronunciation.
    Atul, I had used your website for preparation. It helped me a lot considering the limited time I get to study and practice for IELTS.
    Tomorrow, I shall be sitting for the remaining three modules. Lets hope they go well like the speaking test today.

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