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    General Training, 30th June, United Arab Emirates
    Speaking (27th june)
    Q1 – What do you do? where do you work? my position? what are my day to day tasks etc
    Q2 – In your childhood, what type of food you use to eat
    Q3 – What is your favorite type of food?
    Q4- do many people in your country enjoy eating out?
    Q5-have you tried other cuisines? why did u like/dislike it?
    Q6- do you think parents play an important role in development of child than teachers?
    Q7- Talk about when you helped your friend/colleague
    Q8- leadership/skills topic (cant remember exact question)
    Q9- do you think global co-operation is important
    write letter to you friend about a book you are reading.
    why should she read it
    where can she purchase it
    whats special about this book
    Part 2
    Dont remember exact question. it was about road safety.

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