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    I’ve just sat my IELTS in August and the speaking part went as follows:
    Part 1: What’s your name? Where are you from? Are you working or studying? Why did you take that job?
    Part 2: The cue card:
    Talk about an activity you do to keep you focused on things
    What is it?
    When and where do you do it?
    Do you do always repeat the same thing?
    Part 3:
    The judge asked me about things I do to keep me from being bored.
    Do you think children need to learn how to concentrate themselves? Why?
    Do you think technology makes it harder for us to concentrate on things nowadays?
    Can technology, i.e. AI take away our job in the near future?
    Should robot take our job for better performance because they are not distracted by the same thing we are?

    Task 1: 2 bar charts.
    1st chart: Bar chart giving information of school-aged boys and girls in secondary school across 4 regions: Europe, Africa, Latin America and East Asia.
    (4 pairs of bars with Europe topping the chart with 100% girls and 98% boys in secondary school. LA and EA are in the middle with roughly 50-60 percent whereas Africa stays far behind others)
    2nd chart: Bar chart showing percentages of university students (male and female) in the same four regions. Europe: 50 percent for both genders, Africa (< 10%), LA and EA (20-30%). The second chart is highly correlated with the first one because education is a time dependent variable. Task 2: Some people believe that a good way to reduce crime is longer sentences. Others may think there are alternative ways to this problem. Discuss both views and give your own opinion. You should write at least 250 words. (I think I could afford to write 450 words for part 2, I hope that wasn't too long).

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