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    Hi Sir
    I hope you are doing well. today my speaking test was very good and here I share speaking test questions as well as your website is incredible it is such a useful of us.
    1. Where are you living nowadays?
    2. What is bad things in your area?
    3. In future did you like to live in this area?
    4. How many languages did you speak?
    5. Did your voice is same as your child hood?

    Part 2 Describe a gift that you gives to someone?

    Part 3
    6. What types of gift we give to someone?
    7. Is it we have to give useful gifts to others
    8. Where you learn a English?
    9. What is different between mens shopping or women’s shopping?
    10. Is it traditional gifts is good choice to give someone?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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