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    Test Date-S-6th July,LRW-7th July
    Module- General
    Location- UAE

    PART I-what do you know about plants
    -do you grow plants as a child
    -do you have a garden
    -are you willing to accept a plant if someone gifted you
    -your accomodation, favourite room
    -best holiday
    -holiday destination you would like to visit
    -is it important to plan your vacation
    -do you plan to go back to your homecountry in the near future
    PARTII- about your first mobile phone
    -who gave you
    -how did it change your life
    -how was it useful
    -do you have the same mobile phone
    -opinion on texting
    -opinion of texting on relationships
    -do mobile phone need internet connection
    -mobile apps
    -can computers replace foreign language translators
    -does communication through computer mean that International visit becomes redundant( not sure of exact phrase, but redundant was used)
    Well, for Part II speaking,guess I was talking fast as my examiner asked me to slow down..Hope it doesnt affect the score.

    TaskI-your friend is searching for a job, write a letter informing about a job you know– describe the job, tell why it will suit him/her, how to apply
    Task II- some think that young children need to attend nursery before primary school. While others believe young children can spend all day at home. Discuss both views and give your opinion..

    Thank you once again

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