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    Hi. I just finished my speaking exam in UAE the questions were:
    1- full name —- ID
    2- study or work
    3- do you like the place you work in?
    4- what changes you would like in the workplace?
    5- do you go often to the cinema?
    6- do you prefer to go alone or with your friends? why?
    7-do you prefer comfortable or fashionable shoes?
    8- do you often bau new shoes?
    9- do you have favorite shoes?
    cue card?
    a remote place that you wish to visit in the future?
    where it is? why? how to go?
    Do you really think that you will visit it?
    part 3:
    1- where do must of people on your country spend their holidays?
    2- why people sometimes prefer to spend the holiday at home?
    3- do you think young people will benefit from having one year to travel before work and after school?
    4- why young people would afraid of traveling for a foreign country?
    5-why young people should prepare themselves well before traveling?
    I wish that I did well

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