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    Part -1
    what is your subject ?
    which is the most interesting think of your subject to you?
    Do you like your neighbours?
    Is it important to maintain good relation with neighbours?
    Have you ever taken help from your neighbours ?
    Young people or older people who are important as neighbours to you?
    Do you have any favourite pop musician?
    Why do you like to listen to this singer ?
    Would you like to be a pop musician ?
    part -2
    Cue card
    Describe a happy moment of your childhood
    #What was your age at that time?
    #who was with you?
    #Describe that moment
    Do you think you have quite strong memory?
    How important is memory power in our day-to-day lives?
    Do you think a good environment helps us to remember any moment of our lives?
    Which memories can remembered for long time? good or bad memories?
    Why some people remember certain events for long time and why some forget very quickly?

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