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    Exam Date: 14th & 15th December 2018, UAE
    Part 1:
    Where do you live currently?
    What is special about the place you live?
    Do you know many people in the place you live?
    Let’s talk about breakfast. Do you think that breakfast is important? Why?
    Tell about your daily routine.
    Is there anything you want to change in your daily routine?
    Let’s talk about seasons. Which season do you like more?
    Part 2:
    Talk about a place you wish to visit in the future.
    Why do you want to visit that place?
    How will you go there?
    What will you do there?
    Part 3:
    Do you really think that you can visit that place?
    How will you go to that place if you are working here?
    How do you like to spend your vacation?
    Do you like to be with your family or would you like to go on a trip?
    How do the people in your home country spend their vacation?
    Which places are commonly chosen by the people there to visit?
    How about the children? Do they like spending their time at home or outdoors?
    What is your opinion on children taking a break after their secondary education and go on a trip? What are the advantages of that?
    Writing Test
    Part 1:
    You relocated to an overseas country recently and shipped your furniture and other possessions through a shipping company. When you received them, you found some of them got damaged. Write a letter to the delivery manager of the shipping company.
    Part 2:
    Some prefer online courses to study and they think it is better. Others prefer classroom education. Discuss both views and share your opinion.
    Thank you. I hope I did well.
    The examiner was not that friendly and he I guess he was in a hurry. He wanted to go to the next question before I finish talking. Anyway, hopefully, I will get through.
    Thank you so much for all your tips.

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