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    I finished my Academic IELTS today 11th May 2019 .
    Writing task 1
    2 line gaphs showing number of visitors ( holidays and business ) to UK during a period of 1 year from France and NA.
    TASK 2.
    Nowadays many shops are kept open for more time Will it have positive or negative effect on shopper’s and community.
    Sec 1. Telephone conversation of a lady and a man at walking tours.
    4 questions on Fire and precautions
    Section 2 . A student conducting a research . Selection of interviewees. Criterias.
    Section 3. Different Libraries . What they are specialised in .
    Last part I found difficult . It was about translation.
    Section 1
    Where do I live, describe my home.
    My favourite room in my house.
    Section 2.
    Talk about a famous person in another country whom I want to meet in future.
    Section 3
    What is my feeling if I see garbage thrown on road side?
    Do you recycle paper or plastics?
    Wil you do anything to stop people from throwing Garbag on roadside?
    Why advertisement done with famous people , business people?

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