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    Hi everybody,
    I had my speaking test an hour ago in Turkey -Ankara
    Part 1
    do you work or study?
    What kind of trainings did you take for your job?
    Do you read regular newspapers or on line?
    What are the advantages of using online newspapers?
    Do you prefer yourself being a journalist?
    PART 2
    Q CARD was What was a recent decision that you made recently?
    Who you made it with?
    How did you decide?
    Why did you decide that way?
    Was it an important decision for you?
    Following Question was:
    Do you think you are good at decision making?
    Part 3 .
    Do you think parents should decide for their Kids?
    How are children affected while they make decisions from parents ?
    Do you think families should be involved for their children’s decision about future?

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