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    I have taken my Ielts speaking test on 5th Sept 2018 in Toronto Canada ,
    Questions that were asked as follows:
    In part 1
    1.Do you live in a house or flat.
    2.which is your favourite room and why you like to buy your own house or would you move in future and why
    question about maps often do you use map
    2.when you use it
    3.have you ever asked directions from people .
    4.what do you think is better, digital or paper map and why
    Then in part 2
    1.describe an event which made u feel happy
    Where it happened
    With whom u were
    What was the event
    And explain how u felt about it
    In part 3
    Questions related to money and happiness you think money can buy all the happiness
    2.whats the difference between happiness from relationships and happiness from money you think rich people often fail to understand who is their true friend
    And there were questions about how work can make you happy and other questions I didn’t remembered
    My examiner was not friendly and she was giving wierd expression while I was answering the questions she was making faces as if she is not understanding what I am saying, so looking at her expression I got distracted and in part 2, I almost stopped after 1 minute becuz my mind got diverted ..
    This was my second attempt
    In the first attempt, I scored very good Marks in speaking test which was band 7.5 as that time my examiner was very friendly and she made me feel comfortable .but this time she was not even asking the question clearly I mean she was confusing me sometimes she asked something and then she changed it. Her voice was also not clear she was speaking in a very dull voice and sometimes I wasn’t even able to heard her clearly ..I am worried now I dont know what will be my result ..

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