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    I took GT Module in Toronto, Canada on July 29

    Part 1 article 1: Maple Syrup Farms (too Canadian to be true lol)
    Part 1 article 2: about a village of Ontario’s First Nations (again, so Canadian…)
    Part 2 article 1: about employee driving safety regulations
    Part 2 article 2: Negociating salary
    Part 3: an article about a Malaysian Train Station… this one is very tricky with quite a lot of architectural jargon.

    Task 1: you live in an apartment and a construction site next to you is causing problems. Write a letter to the manager…
    Task 2: some people think free time is more important to a good quality of life while others think money is more important. Write about your opinion and also what else do you think is important to a good quality of life.

    Part 1: about work, TV shows
    Part 2: describe a cafe
    Part 3: about social interactions with neighbors, parties, companionship vs being alone, etc —
    Good luck everyone and cheers!

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