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    I had my speaking test today.
    Date: 28 Jan 2018
    Location: Tirana, Albania
    Module: GT
    I had my speaking test today and i would like to share my questions to this page to help other people taking IELTS.
    First section:
    1. Where do you live? Is the place you are living your birthplace?
    2. Do you like long distance traveling? Have you had many plane trips? have you ever thought to travel in space?
    3. Do you like to write letters or type?
    4. As a child you, did you enjoy writing?
    Second section:
    1. Describe a day that you enjoyed very much, but you did not spend much money. You should say when and where this day happened, who you were with, what activities did you do, how you felt about that?
    After that the examiner asked me 2 other questions:
    a.Why people like to enjoy their leisure time by going outside?
    b. Do you think home can be a good place to spend free time?
    Section 3:
    1. Do you think technology has given us less or more free time?
    2. Do you think people are spending their free time in a correct manner?
    Ps: the questions were not exactly as i have described, but those were the type of questions that i was asked.

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