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    Date- June 30th 2018
    Location- Texas, USA

    Listening was tough (including map, matching headings)

    Reading- 4 passages (first passage was about library and cash cards, last passage was about ants)

    Writing –
    Letter to a theatre manager regarding an accident that took place with your friend and suggestions to avoid such accidents in future
    essay- taking care of env should be responsibility of -govt or individuals. Discuss both sides and give your opinion

    Speaking –
    where are you from
    interesting thing about your area
    Do you use mobile and computers
    which apps are more popular in your country
    which app you want to have
    would you like to create an app
    Cue card- perfect holiday, where , with whom, why it would be perfect
    follow up ques – why people take holiday/vacation in your country
    what should people plan before going on a holiday

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