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    Hello everyone.
    I did LRW parts of my General IELTS test today, 29th of July 2017, in Tehran, Iran. I am sharing my writing and speaking topics here, hope you find it helpful.
    – Writing Task 1
    You have seen an advertisement asking for volunteers to do unpaid jobs in sports event which will be held in the city next month. Write a letter to tell them:
    – why do you want to become a volunteer?
    – what jobs can you do?
    – ask some questions about the event.
    – Writing Task 2
    Many parents are unhappy because of increasing amount of violence in their children by computer games, TV programs, and other leisure activities.
    what harms the violent leisure programs can result for children?
    what are the solutions for this problem?
    – Speaking Topics
    Part 1
    – What is your name?
    – Do you work or study?
    – Do you have too much pressure at work?
    – What do you do after work?
    – Do you use public transport?
    – Do you think public transport is necessary for your town?
    Part 2
    – Describe a place of swimming pool in your town.
    Part 3
    – Do you think swimming should be in school’s program?
    – Do you think children should learn swimming?
    – At what age do you think children should start swimming and how?
    – Do you think we have to learn swimming with a professional trainer or an ordinary person?
    – Do you think swimming is good for people?
    – Do you think the number of leisure places should be more in your town?
    – How do you think places for leisure can be developed?
    Good Luck everyone with your exams.

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