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    Date: may 12th
    Module: academic
    Place: Taipei
    Listening (much faster than Cambridge 11 and 12)
    Part 1-Phone conversation: a woman wants to rent a place in Australia (fill in the blanks)
    Part 2 or 3-heel medical discussion (multiple choices)
    Part 2 or 3-forgot
    Part 4-retail store layout (fill in the blanks, ABC matches)
    Part 1: museum operation and the importance of exhibitions
    (1)complete sentences with provided (ABCs) choices
    (2)fillin the blanks for a short summary
    (3)choose the correct answer for the benefits and drawbacks mentionee in the paragraphs
    Part 2: bird population protection
    (1)list of heading
    (2)answer questions with one words and/or a number
    (3)multiple choices
    Part 3: spiritual power in medical fields
    (1)y/n/ng (others forgot)
    Task 1: line graph, women employment rate from 2003 to 2009 in Iceland, Germany, Canada, Chile, (forgot)
    Task 2: time and money spent on wild life protection should be used in human population for having better results. To what extent do you agree or disagree? (not the exact description from the booklet)
    Part 1: where I live, apps, animals
    Part 2: a place I want to travel to (with whom, where, to do what, why is it a dream holiday for me)
    Part 3: what kind of trip so people like in my country?
    Why? And what makes the difference in between?
    What should be considered for planning a trip?
    Which one is better, travel or stay at home?

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