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    Ukvi exam
    Place : sylhet, bangladesh
    13 october
    Writing task 1: the line graph shows that in 1990-2012 percentage in Australian export to 4 countries japan,us,india,China
    Writing task 2: some people say that read are properly increase about develop imagination and english language skills other people prefer that watch TV.
    To what extent do you agree or disagree?
    Reading task little bit harder too many authors information reletad question all part
    Writer mention that 4-5 writer describe that, condition that 1-5 question now answer find out text part what he said in the other synonyms. .continue to 14-19 , 35-40 similar question matchmaking..1st part 4 question answer with two word only 2nd task also fill in the gaps..
    Listening test easy all question are only one word use.
    Section 1:visiting new place graham mobile number,women email address , dioloma in teaching, other skill are guide with Russia world cup,
    She plays music but guitar is well played ,
    Section 2: a-h matching fill in the blanks 11-16
    11) park 12) sports facilities 13) gym 14) hospital continue
    A) space needed b) too crowded c) overtime per hour d) old fashioned continue
    17-20 map like entry into the gate in center two direction right left in the middle part foothpath opposite site was entrance into the market 17) cafe 18) dress continue
    Section 3: speaker talking about project facilities 2things mentioned 21-22
    Speaker also said student activities to choose some location mention 2 impotent things 23-24
    25-30 again fill in the blanks a)pure b) coloured c) expensive d)popular overseas e)imported f) made in the field 25)shampoo 26)jam continue to 30
    Section 4 here is the easy part 31-36 speaker cam slowly and describe each and every part about employee needed gender about offices suddenly he need a break and 37-40 quick finish which is shocked me, I talk with other people they also same feelings .
    Speaking test 7th October
    Part 1 are you student ?
    So, why you choose this location?
    What was your feelings about first day in university ?
    What is your favourite fast food ?
    Which foreign food are popular in your country?
    Do u think next 20 year in your country foreign food are dominated in here? Why?
    Which food are u eating with your friends in leisure time?
    What you think benefit of the family tour?
    Cue card : about historical building
    Part 3: what do you think about the plan needed in office building?
    Now a days people spend lot amount of money in outlook building , do u think is it waste of money? If yes then why?
    Why people like to visit historical building?
    Do you think people entry fee are free for the historical building ?
    In modern days , designer what type of plan used in new building?
    In your country old building are still famous or not?
    Why building owner using different colour made in new building?
    I have done good job all part but cue card has a problem for me , initially I can not mention the historical building name ? But other part was done well.. 28 october result published .hope that some well score in ielts..

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