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    I did my IELTS exam on 14th Oct 2017.
    Speaking test:
    Part 1:
    Introduce yourself? where are you from? Do you live in a house or flat? what do you want to change in your house? Do you have pop star? Do you like to go to concert event to see your pop star or you prefer to listen to music at home?
    Part 2: Cue card: 1-2 minutes talk
    Do you know couples with a happy marriage?
    who they are?
    How long they are married?
    What do they do with each other?
    Why do you thing they are a happy couple?
    Part 3:
    What is the rule of women and men for child care?
    what is the difference between husbands and wives in their responsibilities according to your culture in the past and nowadays?
    other related 2 questions (I can’t remember them exactly)
    Writing test:
    Task 1:
    2 Pie chart talking about the percentages between migrated people to and from one Europe country in 2009.
    Task 2: I can’t remember the exact question sentence
    Some people believe that there should be high number of graduated student. others believe that high number of newly graduated people should lead to unemployment.
    what is your opinion?
    Listening test:
    It’s the same level of Cambridge books.
    Reading test:
    -Article talk about sugar history in Australia.
    -Fear in human being vs monkeys

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