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    Nov 11 2017
    Describe the city or hometown where you live in?
    Mode of transportation in your country?
    Have you ever rode a boat?
    Why did you ride a boat?
    Do you want to own a boat?
    What purpose will it serve for you?
    Let’s talk about some interest.
    Do you want to be a reporter?
    I answered no; and talk about my work in the healthcare field.
    Are you interested in international or local news?
    I answered local and explain why
    Do you prefer to read in a newspaper or through the internet?
    I answered the internet and supported my answer…
    What are the ways for a person to stay healthy?
    What activities…
    How often….
    Who do you discuss these things with….
    Do you think it is important to be healthy?
    You mentioned about stress… can you tell me how can we cope up with stress?
    Do you talk about health with friends?
    What other things you talk and discuss with you friends?
    Those are the questions asked during my test.
    Reading is more about caves and prehistoric lives.
    Study about insects, butterflies… about their defence mechanisms and things about certain patterns (flying height)

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