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    I took test around 2:30pm. But my test time was suppposed to be at 3:30pm. I arrived earlier. and the examiner came to me and asked me if i did not mind i could start as the first one.
    All of my questions were really basic!
    Part 1
    Do you live in a house or apartment?
    Do you like it? Why?
    Which historical person you like? Why?
    Will you learn history in the future?
    Some other questions….
    Part 2 is to talk about an intresting Englsih Lession.
    Part 3
    Why people are learning foreign language now?
    Why there are still many people would like to learn minor languages?
    ….based on my answers, he asked me some questions which i forgot.

    I find sometimes I do not give the answer by using full sentence… or not directly, e.g. first question, my answer was I live in a studio actually. Is it fine?
    And I used wrong tense several times during test, but i corrected myself. will this affect my score a lot?
    I feel the whole process was smooth and I did not stuck. The examiner even would smile or nod head which made me feel like having a real conversation. Therefore, I had facial expressions and body language through whole test, is it fine? Would the examiner think i was out of control?

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