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    I have given IELTS General on 12-May-2018. My questions for writing tasks were as below.
    Writing Task-1
    One of your friend is recently giving interview for a new job. Write a letter to your friend giving him some advice about the interview. In your letter you should write
    a) Ask some questions about the job.
    b) Give him some advice about the interview.
    c) Ask him when and where you could meet him before his interview to give him some tips.
    Writing Task-2
    Few people believe that cars are better way of transport in a city. Other people believe that bicycles are the better way of transport in a city. Discuss both the views and give your opinion.
    I have question regarding writing task-1. Is it a Informal or Semi formal letter or can be both. Secondly, For writing task-1 part c), if we say the place and time to meet(like 10:00AM) only, it will be correct or it is mandatory to write the date? If the date is not written do you thing this will effect the band score.

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