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    I took the IELTS General training test on 27th July, 2019
    Short overview: Part 4 was bad. Lot of paraphrasing.
    Section 1 – Fill in the blanks, write one word or a number, conversation between a real estate agent and someone moving to Australia.
    Section 2 – Fill in the blanks, not more than 2 words or a number, spring festival event details. One of the answers was spoken so fast that I couldn’t understand.
    Section 3 – MCQ and match the following, conversation between 2 students related to the experience working in a hotel.
    Section 4 – MCQ and fill in the blanks, not more than 3 words or a number. Topic related to animals used in research.
    The second part of this section was tough, lot of paraphrasing. I thought that the answer for which I was waiting did not start yet. Unfortunately, after few seconds, I realized that I missed it and had already lost two answers by then.

    Short overview: It was okay. True, false and not given section was tough.
    Passage 1 – Weather in Canada and how the body protects itself.
    Question type: True, false and not given.
    This was little confusing and time consuming.
    Passage 2 – List of advertisements
    Question Type: Match the advertisement with the statement.
    Passage 3 – Something related to a recruiting company
    Question Type: Fill in the blanks.
    Passage 4 – Humpback whales in Australia
    Question Type: Match the following, true false, not given and MCQ.

    Task 1: Write a letter to your local council that the street you are living has become dirty lately.
    · Why is it happening?
    · What problems will it cause?
    · What would you suggest?
    Start you letter with Dear Sir or Madam

    Task 2: Nowadays, internet and television have given ordinary people a chance to become famous. Is this a positive or negative development?

    Before starting part 1 itself the examiner asked me where I was from. Then she asked me if I was ready for the test.
    Part 1:
    · Where do you live?
    · How long have you been living there?
    · Why do you like living there? What would you like to improve?
    · How many public holidays do you have in your county?
    · Which is you favorite public holiday? Why?
    · Should the number of holidays be increased in your country?
    · What do you do on a holiday? Why?
    · How do you travel to work? What other modes of commute do you have available to travel to your place of work?
    · How did you commute to school when you were a child? Did you like it? Why?
    Part 2:
    · Talk about something you want to do but you do not have time to do it.
    I actually spoke less than two minutes, the examiner asked me to talk more.
    Part 3:
    · What can you do to manage time?
    · How can you maintain work life balance?
    · Why can’t people manage time?
    · Did your parents and grandparents manage time well and did they have so many distractions?
    · Have responsibilities changed when compared to previous generations?
    I just started answering the last question, the examiner asked me stop as my examination time was over. She apologized to me and said she didn’t want to interrupt me but she had to do so in order to maintain the schedule.
    Examiner was very nice and paying attention to what I was talking. After part 2, she wrote something down on her sheet. Not sure what is was.

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