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    I attended the speaking test today. Couple of question which were asked are given below :
    Part 1:
    1. Where are you from ?
    2. What kind of a place do you live, is it a house or an apartment ?
    3. Would you prefer to move to a house in near future ?
    4. Do you feel bored at times ?
    5. How to do you manage yourself when you get bored ?
    Part 2 : Discuss about a personal thing that you would like to get replaced.
    What is it ?
    Why do you like it ?
    Why would you like it to be replaced ?
    Part 3 :
    1. what do you think, younger people replaces things more often than older generation?
    2. Any other thing which you would like to get replaced?
    3. Would you be able to advise people on not replacing things? If so then why ?
    4. Does increase in consumerism has an effect on getting new things ?
    5. Do you wear a watch ?
    6. How important is time management for you ?
    7. How would you feel if someone keeps you waiting for a long time ?

    All answers came from my mind spontaneously and i feel i was giving answer above average speed which made my test to finish quickly compared to others – how will this affect my score ?
    Also i didn’t use many heavy words during the interview.

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