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    Hi, i had my exam yesterday (20th jan) , academic,
    Task 1: a bar chart indicating the amunt of time spent on houseworks by men and women in a particular country and women were catogorized to 3 groups of employment 2.part-time employment 3. full-time employment and men were full-time employees.
    Task 2: some people argue that it is the government responsibility to transport children to school. Others believe it’s parents responsibility. Discuss both views and give your own opinin.
    Part 1: he asked me about studies, music and dictionaries.
    Cue card: describe a subject you learned not at school/college. I don’t remeber the detailed questions.
    Part 3: he asked me whether it is hard for old people to learn new skills and I don’t remember other questions.
    Reading: one about history of coral island I guess, one about national libraries in the USA and I don’t remember the other one.
    Listening:the forst section was about a reservation. I don’t remember the 2nd and 3rd sections and the last section was a text completion about working during nights.

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