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    Hi Everybody,
    10 February 2018 IELTS GT Writing QUESTIONS
    TASK 1
    Your company recently used the conference facilities of a hotel, but you had some problems at the conference center.Write a letter to Hotel Manager.
    * What was the problem/s
    *How did it affect your group?
    *What do you want them to do?
    TASK 2
    For More and more people wearing fashionable clothes are becoming important.
    İs this attitude to wearing clothes positive or negative development?
    Tell us about a time you were happy with the customer service of a company?
    * When was it?
    *What was the product?
    *How did they solve the problem?
    PART 3..
    Will you recommend this company to your friends in the future?
    How important it is for companies to have customer call centers?
    Which one is better to solve a customers’ problem, face to face or on the phone?
    What qualities does a call center employee should have?
    Do you think it is important for companies to have feedback from customers?

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