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    Today my speaking 18.09.2019
    About hometown 5 questions
    Walk around 7 questions
    Languages near about 4 questions
    Space 3 questions

    Cue card.
    Interesting conversation you had? When? Where? With whom? Why you find interesting?

    3 part.
    Follow ups Difference of male and female topics
    Diffrrence of Talking over phone and face to face
    Benfits of talking over phone
    Why people feel nrvous while giving any presentation
    What are the skill they need
    How can they improve their skills
    Visualization should be there in presentation or not
    Benefits of visualization in ppt Is person use humor in presentation
    Is there any negative effect of using humor


    I wondered, these Many questions possible ??


    Yes Nirman. It is quite common to have two different broad topics in part 1 with 3-4 questions on each of these topics
    Same for part 3. So you can expect 15-20 questions in all.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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