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    Hello everyone.
    Here is my contribution to others.
    Exam date: 10/27/18
    Reading topics:
    Passage 1 History of beavers in Mississippi
    Passage 2 I forgot (something related to health)
    Passage 3 Science behind Taste Bud

    Task 1 UK 2013 internet usage purposes between male and female
    Task 2 agree or disagree to increase fuel proce to control growing numbers of car on the road

    Part 1
    Name, country
    Work ir student
    Where did I work before
    Mini topic 1: painting
    Have you done any painting
    Do you like to be a model of an artist
    Why it is important to learn
    Mini tooic 2: driving
    How often do I ride in a cab
    Is it important to learn how to drive
    What is your longest driving hours

    Part 2: cue card about a game that I played when I was young
    Where did it usually played
    whom I played with
    How to play
    Why I liked to play it
    Follow up questions:
    Do I want to play it again

    Part 3:
    Do you think it’s important for children to play
    What is the importance of winning
    Is it better to win with the group or individual
    What is the difference of playing in the past compare to modern day gaming
    Thank you so much!

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