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    I wrote my IELTS – GT today (October 12, 2019) It was fairly easy. However, I missed up on 2-3 questions in listening. In Reading, I am hoping to get 8/8.5. Listening would be either 7.5/8.

    In Writing, I had the following questions:
    Letter: Write a letter to your sport centre manager. It was about non-rectification of a problem in changing room. You are writing again. (I do not remember the exact words)
    My question to you, In writing part 1, it was mentioned changing room. However, I wrote the letter stating that condition is dilapidated (wrongly spelled dilapidated as Dilapdated). Further, I stated dilapidated condition of changing room. The lockers are broken as such we have no safe place to keep our clothes and valuable. Do you think I was precisely on topic by stating “lockers broken in changing room and no safe place to store clothes and valuable items) I also stated due to this we cannot enjoy the time in centre as there is always a worry in my mind.Consequences of wrong spelling?

    Writing task 2: “Uniforms should be compulsory at work places. Discuss both sides. I wrote it like this.
    On one hand, – Additionally, – For instance, – ThereforeOn the other hand, – in addition – for example – consequentlyIn conclusion,

    Speaking test:
    Part 1: Work/Study part
    Part 2: Time when I had to stay awake and I was really tired.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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