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    Academic IELTS
    05/05/2018 in Sydney IDP.
    Task 1: describing a table comparing a number of kms traveled by per adult in a European country in 1975 & 2007.
    task 2: Some people think that researching about past is waste of money and time. We should instead focus on issues of today’s world. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
    Passage 1: Encyclopædia Britannica (Y/N/NG, match headings, multiple choices),
    2: Can money buy happiness? (sentence completion, multiple choice, matching paragraph information)
    3: can’t remember:( (Y/N/NG, filing blanks, choose the best title for the passage)
    Section 1: Phone conversation about a holiday spot: Fonton Bay or something like that
    section 2: 2 students talking about feedbacks about the lecture they had
    section 3: characteristics of ladies from Charles Dicken’s novels
    section 4: Sea turtle, Tallulah
    Part 1: name, where are you from? where are you living at present? is it a good place to live? how far is it from the city? Do you like listening to music when studying or working? what kind of music did you listen when you were young? do you think the interest in music changes? Why do you think young people go to other countries?
    Part 2: cue card
    Talk about a city or country you wanted to live or work in future.
    where is it?
    how and what do you know about it?
    why do you want to live there?
    Will you live there?
    Part 3: Quality of life:
    What are the factors that affect the quality of people’s lives?
    What roles do you think the government should have to ensure people’s quality of life?
    Do you think money living in a good place is better than having a good job?
    Don’t you think if you have enough money you can live wherever you find happiness?
    Well, this is my 4th time, and I did not score well in speaking and writing last time as well. This time I got the cue card that I was not prepared but I thought quickly and spoke, so let’s hope for the best.

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