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    I took my IELTS ACADEMIC test today June 01 2019
    Writing Task 1: The table gives information about the salaries of high school teachers in 5 countries ( Australia, Korea, Japan, Denmark, Luxembourg).The table consisted of of the starting salary, salary after 15 years, maximum salary and number of years to achieve the maximum salary.
    Writing task 2: Many developing countries are expanding the tourist industry.
    Why do you think so?
    Is this a positive development?
    Sorry I can’t recall the listening and reading test as I did them in a rash. As for the listening test, there was an echo in the room and it was not able to hear the recording clearly, I told one of the exam invigilators, but she said that she can do nothing about it. Also during the fourth section one of the candidates that was sitting in the same row as me, started coughing and I couldn’t hear the answers of some of the questions. I was really disappointed at the end of the test and I’ve raised a complain about it, so I was wondering if that is a valid complain and what are they going to do about it?

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