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    1. Listening Test
    I had my computer-based test today and the listening part was the most difficult. Everyone says here that the actual listening test is easier as compared to the material available in the Cambridge books. Moreover, I always scored in the range of 7.5 to 8.5 in listening practice tests. My actual IELTS test score was 8 in the first paper-based attempt. However, this paper was out of the world. They did not follow any set pattern. There were around 20 MCQs and only 14 fill in the blank questions which made it really tough to attempt. At least 2 times, the recording quickly moved to the next part in an unprecedented way and I couldn’t catch 3 questions each time. I have practiced at least 50 listening test from Cambridge as well as other websites but this was the hardest one. I felt like there are two different bodies which are making paper-based and computer-based listening test.

    Firstly, my examiner interrupted me several times during the speaking test and here interruption does not mean asking me another question but guiding me to the right answer. For example, he asked me how does a routine effects children? I started answering him and gave the example of my toddler son, he interrupted and asked me to not to give the example of my son but talk about the children in general. Another time, when he asked me something about students, I started giving him my personal example, he interrupted again and asked me not to give any personal example but talk about the topic in general. My confidence was so shattered that I did not give an example in the following questions. I messed up everything due to this interruption.

    Second, he gave me only 1 minute to answer my cue card and stopped me when I was in the middle. I had prepared my answer according to 2 minutes and was planning to use some rare vocabulary words but he did not allow me to do so.
    I scored 7.5 last time in the speaking test but it seems that this time he messed up everything.
    Reading on the computer was manageable for me as I am a good reader.
    Writing is the best part as you can type and edit them very easily.

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