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    gave a speaking test today 14th dec,2018
    was asked if i work or study ?
    where do you work?
    any changes you would like to see at workplace?
    do you like watching movies?
    has there been any changes in the types of cinema ?
    part 2 :
    describe a thing you borrowed? from whom ? and when ?
    part 3 :
    is it ok to borrow in your culture ?
    are people who dont lend stingy ?
    will people keep borrowing in the future ?
    he was trying to ask me if people would like to share housing in the future as the world is cramping ? i answered no,as housing has become cheaper due to apartments !
    but i felt he wanted me to answer as yes !
    maybe he considers living in apartment buildings as sharing of space!!
    hope i dont lose marks for that

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