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    GT – university of western Sydney – 02/8/2018
    WT1: the local council is about to destroy children playground in your area because it is
    under use. write a letter and tell them why it is not well used, what can be done so
    more people can use it. I can’t remember the last point.
    WT2: many people think that more having more money will make them happier.
    How important is money to happiness? (i felt bad seeing this kind of essay, i was expecting the common types)

    R1: about australian visa types(visiting and working holiday visas; cost and who can visit and obtain visa on arrival, working condition on “working holiday visa.
    R2: about how to gain promoted
    R3: about the psychology of procrastination. it was a very long passage (difficult as academic, you have to choose headings from the long paragraphs)

    S1: as usual ,
    S2: about toys u played with as a child: how old
    S3: can’t remember

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