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    Hi! I had Speaking exam today morning

    The first part was: Where do you live now and what don’t you like about it? And some other questions about fashion, haircut and barbery…
    Cue Card: Describe an occasion that you met someone for the first time.
    The third part was more general questions about meeting someone for the first time and what’s the difference between the past and the present time.

    My problem was in part two, where I described the mentioned situation, but I also added some extra explanation about our friendship status to extend my answer. Is it off-topic and how does it reduce my score?
    And my last question is that if it’s possible that the examier changes the score after part three? Because I saw he was writing some numbers into some boxes just after the second part, but my best part for fluency and vocabulary was the third part!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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