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    GT (1/6/2018), Stockholm
    Part 1: 1. can you tell me your full name?
    2. are you a student or working?
    3. why you choose this profession?
    4. How was your first day at work?
    5. do you often get bored?
    6. what you do when you are bored?
    7. why are people get bored so much these days? (something like that)
    Part 2: Street market
    1. where it is?
    2. why you choose it?
    3. what did you buy?
    Part 3: 1. where do you go for shopping?
    2. which mall you preffer to go?
    3. perent should teach kids about savings?
    4. is there difference in man and women shopping?
    5. shopping has any bad impact in socity, and why?
    There were 3/4 more question but ubfortunatly I forgot. As far I remember, somthing about marketing product.
    Wish me luck for Tomorrow’s R,L & W.

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