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    I had my GT test on 01/02/2020

    1) Letter to neighbor restaurant owner to reduce noise introduce yourself what is your reason what will you do if the issue persists.
    2) Some people prefer to work same job throughout thier life while others like to change jobs . Give you opinion.

    1) Name
    2) Apartment/House you live in.
    3) Did you like cakes in childhood? Why?
    4) Did you ever made a cake ?

    CUE CARD: Job you dont like to do
    1) What is the job
    2) why you dont like to do it
    3) Where did you noticed it / Do you know anyone performing that sort of work.

    1) Do you think physical efforts are decreased due to technology development?
    2) We need less human efforts due to Advanced researches, it is true?
    3) Some people are saying that Artificial Intelligence took away lot of jobs, what can be done?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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