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    Feb 13, 2020 | IELTS ACADEMIC-

    Speaking Test Part I
    +Where are you from?
    +Do you like the place you live?
    +What are the things that you love about your hometown?
    +Will you be moving away from hometown?
    +Would you come back again?
    +How often do you walk?
    +Why walking is important?
    +Do you think you walk more or less?
    +In future do you think that the people would keep walking as usual? or no?
    +Do you like to spend long holidays or just short?
    +Do you prefer a holiday at a city or at a beach?
    +Tell me about your best holiday trip ever?

    Part II
    +Explain about some advice you got from someone else before you were doing a work or when choosing a subject?

    Part III
    +What kind of educational streams are popular in your country?
    +What might be the main influence when a young child choosing a subject?
    +Most of the young children are having a rough situation when selecting subjects. What do you think?(That’s all I could remember)-

    Part I +It was a table

    Part II +People believe that some individuals are born with leadership skills, while others think that the individuals can make those leadership skills. Explain and discuss with your own ideas.

    -ListeningTo be honest listening was a bit tough. You may have to gain the answers from the person who calls.
    And that’s it from the test held on 13th Feb 2020. Good luck pepes.

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