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    Center: St Paul , MN, USA.
    Date: 06-Jan-2018
    1) WRITING:
    Write a letter to your landlord stating the problems you are facing in the apartment that you recently moved in.
    In the letter,
    > explain the issues you have
    > how it is affecting you and your family
    > what can be done to fix this?
    In some countries, teenagers are encouraged to do part-time jobs by some people. Others disagree.
    Discuss both the views and give your opinion.
    : when I wrote my WT2, I did not mention about “In Some Countries” part that is mentioned in the essay question. Is this an issue ?
    2) SPEAKING:
    Basic questions like:
    > about myself
    > my job etc.
    part 2:
    Cue card on – “Talk about a specific rule of your school that you were against. and why you were against it?”
    Part 3:
    Whether I like sailing on boats> if so why ?
    This was my second attempt. Hope I will get my desired results.

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