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    I sat for my exam on 11th May,2019
    General Training
    Listening –
    Sec 1- easy and speed was typical questions like name, phone no.
    Sec 2- MCQ (confusing)
    Sec 3- Flow chart (really difficult)
    Sec 4- sentence completion/ full up (easy)
    Reading- relatively easy
    Sec 1- t/f/ng
    Last section was also quite easy (though i don’t remember was it was about)
    Writing- task i
    Write a letter to the local council to stop the closure of a children’s playground
    Task ii
    Most people consider money to be important for achieving happiness.
    How important is money for happiness?
    (The type was not clear)
    I had an Mcq in Listening where horticulture was the answer and i had 3 options namely- farms, fishing and forests. Which one would be the correct one?

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