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    IELTS 26th June 2018
    part 1
    1.where do you live?
    2.what is the type of accommodation you stay?
    2. what is the favourite place of your home?
    3.Do you like travelling? you usually travel alone?
    5.what was the recently visited place?
    6.where do you want to travel in future?
    Part 2
    describe the something you have wear for special occasion?
    what it was?
    where did you buy it?
    For which occasions did you wear it?
    what do you feel about occasion and the item?
    Part 3
    1.what do you think about today fashion?
    2.Do you think globalisation influence to today’s fashion ?
    3.what do you think about uniform?
    4. do you think is it okay to diside employee’s uniform by their bosses?

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