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    I did my ielts academic mode on 28.12.2018 in Sri Lanka
    For writing Part 1-
    Got a Table about number of people who involved with adult education in a 4 year period. Also the number of courses and total amount of both male and female were part of the chart.
    Writing part 2
    Some people belive all the wild animals should protect while others think only some animal need to be saved.
    Disscuss both views gand give your opinion.
    (I put two examples in it. Dolphons and sea turtles. Im worried that they might not count as whild animals )
    Part 1
    -Full name
    -What can I call you?
    -Are you currently studying or working?
    -Is the place you working is good?
    -Do you think that there are any changes need to be done in the place you work?
    -What is your favourite color?
    -When you grew up did you wear a lot bright colors?
    -Does the color of a car important for you?
    Cue Card
    – Something you received that you wanted from a long time.
    *What is it
    *Who gave it to you
    *when did you get it
    How did you feel when you get it?
    Speaking part 3
    ( Since I talked about a pair of earrings I received from my mother for cue card question ,
    -do you often talk about your earrings with people?)
    -Does shopping important for a country?
    -Do you think advertisement make people to buy things?
    -Do advertisements important for people?
    – Who spend most of the money to buy things? Men or women?
    -Do advertisements have an effect of the economy of a country?
    -What do the young people spend their money the most now a day?
    -Do you think young men and women spend money on different things?
    -Do you think our friends have an effect on what we buy?
    These are the questions I got.
    Another student sais she got to talk about “Plants”
    Hope this will. Be helpful for you all..

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