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    Let me add a follow-up comment. I already posted about my speaking test. This is regarding the L/R/W tests
    I did IELTs – GT on 02/08/2018 – in Sri Lanka
    1-10 and 30-40 were written questions and both were ONE WORD ONLY. Others were MCQs and there was a map to mark. One answer keeps coming back to me as it was “pizza”…. I never came across that during the practise tests.
    as for the tips, I’d like to ask all those who are getting ready for their exams to follow the Cambridge books. I followed books borrowed from British Council specially Exam preparation books (there are huge piles of books there…please go and get them). In the listening test I got the audio clips with the male voice (whose voice is like Sir John Hurt’s) and it was very familiar as I have prepared with his audio clips before. Getting used to their voices was very helpful to me.
    Also when marking the map, I drew the path on the map itself when the person says “turn right to see the main stage” likewise….which helped me to track the correct location.
    Reading ————
    4 advertisements were given to identify given information/facts….there were 8-10 facts answers were repeated. Letter to be written on the place.
    A description of a company startup was given to fill the blanks. ONE WORD ONLY
    lastly a lengthy article on “History of Pens” were given to identify the headings(letter to be written), TRUE?FALSE?NOT GIVEN questions followed. Another set of questions with ONE WORD ONLY

    Letter: Your child id going on a school trip, overseas for 3 days. The head master is looking for parents to join the trip. Write a letter to state that you would like to join it. Mention
    1. Why you would like to join the trip
    2. How you can be helpful to others
    3. Ask some general questions on the trip

    Essay: Some believe that modern technology has made the life of workers easier while others oppose. Discuss both these opinions and give your own idea.

    Thanks again.

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