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    I did IELTs – GT
    in Sri Lanka IDP test center
    on 30/07/2018 (Speaking) and 02/08/2018 (L/R/W)
    These are the questions I got.

    Speaking————-PART I ———-
    1. What do you do? Do you study or work?
    2. What is you job?
    3. Why did you choose that path ?
    4. How was your first day at the office?
    5. Let’s talk about being on time. Do you wear a watch normally?
    6. What do you think the opinion here in Sri Lanka about coming on time say for an appointment?
    7. Do you come on time for events?
    8. How would you like to wait for others to come meet you?
    9. Let’s talk about teacher. Do you remember your primary school teachers?
    10. Who is your favorite teacher?
    11. Do you think that teachers in the past say in your mothers time are different from present day teachers?
    12. Have you ever thought about being a teacher?

    Cue Card————PART II———
    A quiet place you like to be (I was prepared for this as I looked up the recent topics in your blog. I talked about my home “non-stop”)

    PART III———-
    1. Do you generally like to be quiet places?
    2. Why do you think that country side is considered to be quieter than cities?
    3. Is it possible that cities may have some quiet places?
    4. Do you think that cities need quiet places like parks?
    5. Some places say houses are very noisy. Why is that as you think?
    6. Do older people prefer quiet places?
    7. Why some people listen to very loud music/
    8. Some people listen to music when they are studying. Why is that?
    9. What do you think about noisy neighbors?
    10. Do you think that apartments also have this noise problem?

    As for the tips,
    for speaking I wore a frock (having all my denims misplaced as I live in two places) and a little make-up (just a tiny bit) and the examiner (a lady) took a good look at me which made me feel thankful for my outfit. I know it does not affect my score, still I felt I made a good first impression visually… . My time was 1 PM and I went there by 12.45. I was called in immediately and was out by 1 PM. Is that possible? I was surprised that my test was finished so quickly. Will that affect my score? It was like the Examiner was in a hurry. She quickly jumped from one question to another in the middle of my answers some times.

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